2021 Registration System NetballConnect Webinar

Date of event: Wednesday November 25, 2020 2:00PM


Just a reminder if you haven’t already to please sign up for the 2021 registration system (NetballConnect) webinar to be run by Sam O’Brien from WSA.


Each club can register up to 3 administrators to attend.

Dates and sign up link is below as per original email.  


Webinars are available on the following dates and times and are limited to 10 spots per session in order to maintain intimacy and good flow of information during this practice and interactive session.

You will be required to RSVP via the link of the session times. (please check previous email as this is a reminder)


We ask clubs with paid administrators to consider booking into the webinar being held during business hours.


- Wednesday 25th November 2-3pm

- Tuesday the 1st December 7-8pm

- Thursday the 3rd December 7-8pm


Thank you

Last updated: Thursday November 19, 2020 5:03PM